Managing your employee’s super can be one of the most challenging aspects of remuneration and benefits planning. Employees are demanding more from their super and corporate super funds have had to become more innovative and competitive as a result. So it is important to review your employer super with a trusted professional on a regular basis.

When you review your current employer super solution, we recommend that you consider the following:

  • Are you happy with the current administration service of your employer super provider?
  • Do the member benefits of your super plan fit with the needs of your employees?
  • Have you seen your adviser in the last two years?
  • Does your existing employer super plan provide your employees with sufficient insurance?

If you answered no or you are unsure about any of these questions, then we can help you.

We specialise in aligning your super fund with your employee benefits package. Helping to position your company as an employer of choice so that you can attract and retain quality employees.

We also know that employees value access to financial advice and education on both their super and other investments. By partnering with Firefly Wealth you will be able to effectively manage your employer super fund, facilitate employee enquiries and direct them to professional financial advisers without the risk of providing inappropriate advice.

Dealing with decisions on aged care can be overwhelming, but identifying the key issues and getting the right advice can help give you the clarity you need.

The fundamental objective is to achieve the best care without spending more than is necessary. The issues of assets, income, pension entitlements and type of care are interrelated and complex and there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

We have identified five key questions that need to be addressed.

  • What are the accommodation options?
  • How much is it going to cost?
  • Does the family home need to be sold?
  • What are the impacts on the age pension?
  • How can ongoing income meet your expenditure?

These critical questions you can help you find the answers on aged care fees, dealing with the family home, Centrelink entitlements and structuring investments appropriately.

How we can help

We can help you find meaningful answers with advice that can help you to:

  • fund aged care fees
  • make the most of Centrelink entitlements
  • appropriately structure assets and investments
  • provide a suitable ongoing income solution.

Our advice is designed to complement other assistance sourced from professional and government based services, such as your family doctor, the Department of Health (Aged Care, Assessment Team), your solicitor and Centrelink.

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If you’re looking for greater flexibility and tax benefits from your super, you might be considering setting up a self-managed super fund (SMSF). SMSFs can be particularly attractive if you:

  • like to have hands-on control over investment decisions
  • want your super customised to play a key role in family wealth and estate planning
  • are looking to invest in alternative assets, including direct property
  • own a small or family business.

We have the knowledge and expertise to help you get the most out of your SMSF, by helping with the critical issues.

  • Is it right for you - deciding whether self-managed super is right for you needs careful consideration of some critical issues. Is it financially viable, you are prepared to take on the responsibility, can you handle the administrative and compliance demands, is it worth the risk?
  • Develop an investment strategy - your adviser can help you to set an appropriate investment strategy that reflects your personality, build your investment portfolio, structure your asset and manage the movement of funds to and from other superannuation or pension funds.
  • Get the right team behind you - we work with your other professional advisers, such as your accountant, to manage the set up, administration and compliance aspects of your SMSF.

The flexibility, personal control and potential tax and cost savings can be substantial, so it may be worth contacting us to find out if an SMSF could be right for you.

Our Financial Services and Credit Guide (FSG) is designed to assist you in deciding whether to use any of the services offered by our advisers. If we provide you with personal financial advice we will also give you a Statement of Advice.

Financial Services and Credit Guide Version 1 (.pdf)