As effortlessly as magic, the US economic recovery is helping shrink Washington’s budget deficit as more taxes and income roll in and fewer welfare payments are sent out. The Congressional Budget Office predicts the US federal deficit will narrow to about 4% of GDP this year and dwindle to 2.1% of output by 2015 – less than a quarter of the post-crisis high of 8.5% of GDP in 2010.


Quirky terms accompany a daring experiment that is underway on the world’s second-biggest modern economy. “Abenomics” formulated by the “reflationists” is about firing “three arrows” to thrust Japan’s economy out of two decades of deflation-ridden, stop-start growth. The weapons include full-bore monetary and fiscal policy and structural reform.

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After having an extended period of being above parity with the U.S. Dollar, the Australian Dollar appears to be back on the rollercoaster with its value falling recently into the nineties. So why is this happening all of a sudden and where is it heading? Can we expect more falls, or could it bounce back?


The political uprisings that have swept across north Africa and the Middle East since 2010 surprised analysts. No one should be shocked, though, if similar upheavals ripple through austerity-hit Europe. There is a growing risk that the resentment, despair and anger brewing among the eurozone’s dispossessed, including its 19.1 million unemployed, will explode.

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Over the past 12-months, there has been much talk in the media about the Future of Financial Advice reforms (FoFA). First announced by the Labor Government in 2010 as an initiative to improve consumer confidence and trust in the financial services industry following poor advice being provided by unprofessional advisers.


Earlier this week Treasurer Wayne Swan delivered his sixth Federal budget. This summary is designed to update you on some of the key announcements and help you to understand the impact to your own situation. Federal Budget Update 2013


People are usually prompted to focus on financial issues when they experience a significant life event such as a career or income change which may spark a person’s interest in their finances. A marriage may prompt a couple to consider longer term investment goals.


China’s now-disgraced ex-politburo member Bo Xilai revealed one of China’s most sensitive pieces of information just before he was ousted from his leadership role last year. No, it wasn’t a military secret, some diplomatic manoeuvre, nor some political machination. It was where China’s Gini coefficient stands.

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The value of income protection is something that has gained a more widespread understanding and acceptance in recent years and many more are becoming wise to the need for a contingency plan which will pay a regular monthly income if sickness or injury prevents them from working.


Portugal’s President Anibal Cavaco Silva warns about the great threat his country faces; the spending cuts and tax increases imposed by Portugal’s rescuers. The worry for investors is that the US is imposing similar austerity policies. Politicians there are removing government stimulus from the economy in steps as they clash over Washington’s finances.